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Communicating Up, Down, Across, and Beyond the Organization

Interacting Effectively with Diverse People
"Effective communicators are flexible and flowing, not rigid and blocked."
Nadine Grant

Do you know and/or work with people who:
are energy boosters or energy busters?
make you feel good when they enter the room?
make you feel good when they leave the room?

A major challenge in business today is the ability to communicate effectively in a global community comprised of people from diverse generations, genders, genetics, socio-economic situations, political beliefs, religious practices, and values systems. The most effective communicators are speakers and listeners; givers and receivers. In the business community of the 21st Century, this means we need to be able to identity and craft our messages to the needs, wants, priorities, and goals of our communication partners. Effective multi-directional communicators use their understanding of others to focus clear, concise messages to the boss, their teammates, and/or their direct reports.


  • DISCOVER holistic nature of communication
  • ANALYZE needs, wants, priorities, goals of listeners
  • ASSESS learning styles of self/others
  • DISCOVER thinking & organizing preferences of self/others
  • BECOME effective multi-directional communicator
  • INCREASE communication competence to achieve goals
  • Researched to address clients' needs
  • Fun, lively audience interaction
  • Practical application Customized learning materials
  • Four Vs of Believable Communication
  • Affirmative Attitude Assessment
  • NLP Learning Styles Assessment
  • Message Crafting Templates
This workshop focuses on:
  • Understanding communication as a holistic process
  • Effective internal to external communication tools
  • Applying the Law of Positive/Negative Expectations
  • Using the 4Vs of effective communicators
  • Communicating with others in their learning style
  • Organizing information for others in their thinking style
  • Treating others the way others want to be treated

Grant Cross CommunicationsGrant Cross Communications
Fearless Speaking

Fearless Speaking and
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Personal Coaching

Personal Coaching Skills
Where do you, a supervisor, manager, or senior executive, go to brush up on your speaking and presentation skills for upcoming board / client meetings, team update, media report, tele/video conferencing?  Personalized and private coaching sessions that address communication topics are available to you...

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