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Focusing on behavioral styles, this module delivers the message that teams are built through understanding individual differences and emphasizing communication skills to build effective teams. Problem identification and solutions will be of special value to team-based work groups.

Grant Cross Teamwork Tool 1
BEHAVIORAL WORK STYLES ..."Building Communication Bridges"
""Interaction and effective communication with different kinds of people can be difficult and stressful. We need tools to build communication bridges and reduce stress."
- Grant & Cross

  • Elevate self-awareness and understanding of others
  • Adapt behavior to build rapports
  • Communicate effectively with people who are different/difficults
  • Manage conflicts
  • Become people literates
  • Accelerate employee developments
Communication Bridges Tools
  • Six Motivational Power Points
  • "The Sandwich Rule"
  • Personal Behavioral Assessment
  • People Reading
  • Strategies to Build on Strengths; Control Weaknesses
  • Techniques to Work/Sell/Manage/Lead with Style
Grant Cross Teamwork Tool 2
"I deal with difficult people every day. Sometimes, I'm surprised to learn they think I am the difficult person."
- Grant & Cross

  • Know yourself: evaluate personal behavior
  • Understand others for communication connection
  • Learn to read people
  • Develop personal communication flexibility
  • Skills for dealing with difficult and diverse people
  • Generate Win/Win teams that work
Team Communication Tools
  • Six Principles of Motivation
  • Observable Behavior Assessment
  • People Reading Chart
  • Identifying Styles of Team Players
  • Communication Bridges to Make Your Teams Work
  • Three Communication Tools to Build Win/Win Teams
Grant Cross Teamwork Tool 3
"When people understand what each other mean, they see, for the most part, that controversy is either superfluous or hopeless."
- Cardinal Newman

  • Avoid miscommunications, misunderstandings and clashes
  • Respond to the substance, not react to the style
  • Influence others to gain cooperation
  • Overcome biased perceptions
  • Open dialogue the leads to resolution

Conflict Resolution Tools
  • Deal with Difficult People
  • Defuse Anger
  • "I" Messages
  • The Hammer
  • Anticipate Reactions and Responses
  • Set Limits with Ground Rules
  • Face the Consequences
Grant Cross Teamwork Tool 4
PROBLEM SOLVING ..."F.A.S.T. Problem Solving"
"Problems cannot be solved by the same level of thinking that created them."
- Albert Einstein

  • Learn the F.A.S.T. Formula for problem solving
  • Focus on objectivity
  • Open the mind to different points of view
  • Choose among selected alternatives
  • Followup on actions
  • Engage feedback mechanisms
F.A.S.T. Problem Solving Tools
  • Find Facts First ...Five A's
  • Assess All Alternatives ...Two Components
  • Select Alternative Solutions ...Three Elements
  • Tasks To Do ...Two Factors

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