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Appearance and impressions count. From appropriate dress to manners and etiquette, this module will help participants be perceived well by customers and co-workers. See how presentations and personal confidence are bolstered by applying these techniques.


Grant Cross Communication Tool 1
APPEARANCE ..."I See What You're Saying"
"Know first, who you are; then adorn yourself accordingly."
- Epictetus


  • Create a professional appearance - clothing, grooming, visage
  • Sell yourself first - first impressions last
  • Discover the importance of "attention to detail"
  • Promote employee comfort level - physical and psychological
  • Accelerate employee development and productivity
  • Enhance company image and profitability
Visual Communication Tools
  • The Value of Classic Style
  • The Impact of Color
  • Advantages of Compatible Fabrics
  • Camouflage Techniques - Accentuate the Positive
  • Cost-Effective Purchasing - Invest in Yourself
  • Continuity and Consistency - The Keys to Trust
Grant Cross Communication Tool 2
body LANGUAGE ..."The Silent Shout"
"Non-verbal messages "spoken" through body language, either confirm or contradict verbal messages. When body language and spoken language are incongruent, the postures, gestures and expressions speak the truth with. A SILENT SHOUT."
- Grant & Cross

  • Discover how non-verbal messages are sent, received, interpreted
  • Project confidence and establish instant credibility
  • Establish integrity and trust
body Language Tools
  • Power-full vs. Power-less body Language
  • Postures, Stances and Strides
  • Handshakes, Eye Contact and Facial Expressions
  • Gestures and Gesture Clusters
  • Personal Space
  • Territorial Rites and Rights
Grant Cross Communication Tool 3
CONDUCT AND MANNERS ..."Social Graces for Business Places"
"Good Manners are always noticed and appreciated. Not-so-common courtesies demonstrate awareness of others, make people feel comfortable, and are the keystone of good human relationships."
- Grant & Cross

  • Learn appropriate courtesies and conduct
  • Appreciate global cultural differences
  • Communicate company image, values and culture
  • Gain & retain positive business relationships
  • Sharpen skills to hone the competitive edge
Business Conduct and Manners Tools
  • How Introductions Work
  • Gender Guidelines
  • The Role of Deference
  • Courteous Communications and Interactions
  • Rules of Business Socializing
  • Business Entertaining as Host or Guest
Grant Cross Communication Tool 4
"When we meet someone over the phone, there is no visual message. Consequently, our vocal and verbal messages account for 100% of the BELIEVABILITY of the message."
- Grant & Cross

  • Increase positive vocal skills
  • Listen to caller needs
  • Use professional verbal skills
  • Ask appropriate questions
  • Build rapport with the caller
  • Open dialogue that leads to resolution
  • Choose affirmative attitude
  • Develop phone power
Phone Power Tools
  • Phone Power Assessment
  • Four Elements of Vocal Power
  • Two Components of Verbal Power
  • Four A's of Active Listening
  • Three Rapport Building Techniques
  • Attitude Adjustment Techniques
Grant Cross Communication Tool 5
LISTENING SKILLS ..."Two Ears; One Mouth"
"Listening with purpose, focus, clarity, and awareness of behavioral indicators enables us to adapt our listening approach to meet the needs of every situation."
- Grant & Cross

  • Explore, understand and improve personal listening skills
  • Match listening approaches to improve communication
  • Listen to understand the non-verbal message
  • Respond to the substance of the message
  • Build communication bridges; not barriers
  • Increase Trust; reduce conflicts
  • Improve individual and team performance
Listening Tools
  • Personal Listening Style Assessment
  • Personal Strengths Assessment
  • 5 Listening Styles
  • Non-Verbal Communication Tools
  • Positive, Effective Listening Tools
Grant Cross Communication Tool 6
PRESENTATION SKILLS ..."Stand and Deliver"
"Effective spoken communication is a learned skill that everyone needs to acquire, along with technical knowledge and business experience."
- Grant & Cross

  • Convert fear and nervousness into enthusiasm and energy
  • Project positive platform presence
  • Develop persuasive verbal communication skills
  • Support technical skills with positive presentation skills
  • Reinforce verbal communication with effective non-verbals
  • Promote self, ideas, products and services with confidence
  • Accelerate employee development and productivity
Confident Speaking and Presentation Tools
  • Verbal Messages. "What You Say."
  • Vocal Messages. "How You Say It."
  • Visual Messages. "How They See It"
  • Values. "What You Believe."
  • Validity. "What They Believe"
Grant Cross Communication Tool 7
ASSERTIVENESS SKILLS ..."Actions, Reactions and Pro-Actions"
"Assertive behavior is the most effective communication style to minimize conflict, develop powerful interpersonal relationships and get positive results."
- Grant & Cross

  • Understand your basic human rights
  • Increase self-awareness and self-appreciation
  • Identify various communication styles
  • Deal effectively with manipulation and criticism
  • Communicate positively with different or difficult people
  • Project instant confidence and credibility
  • Enhance company productivity and profitability
Assertive Communication Tools
  • Philosophy of Assertive Response
  • Assertiveness Assessment Tool
  • Three Step Process of Emotional Response
  • Four Assertive Behavioral Styles
  • Four Techniques to Manage Conflict
  • Seven Silent Voices of body Language
  • Say "NO" Without Guilt

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