Delivering Results to Organizations

• Interpersonal Communication Skills
• Speaking & Presentation Tools
• Personal Coaching
• Keynote Addresses

Making a Difference

35 years of field-proven experience as a professional speaker, author, business trainer, educator, and entrepreneur.

Recognized authority in developing teamwork and communication workshops.

Helping You Find Your Voice

Interactive workshops, high content seminars, spirited breakouts, and inspirational keynote speeches provide participants with essential tools for effective interaction and communication.

Previous clients include: Allstate Insurance, Bank of America, Frito Lay, Pitney Bowes, U.S. Postal Service and Wells Fargo and many others.

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Fearless Speaking

You have the knowledge, education and experience to do your job. Your work is meaningful and exciting most of the time. You are compensated fairly and enjoy your lifestyle. And…you need to give a presentation to your boss,…colleagues, direct reports, or clients next week.

Interpersonal Communication

The most effective communicators are speakers and listeners; givers and receivers. In the business community of the 21st Century, this means we need to be able to identity and craft our messages to the needs, wants, priorities, and goals of our communication partners.

Personal Coaching

Where do you, a supervisor, manager, or senior executive, go to brush up on your speaking and presentation skills for upcoming board/client meetings, team update, media report, tele/video conferencing? To whom do you go to receive personalized feedback?

“The art of communication is the language of leadership.”

My Clients