“Effective leaders exhibit many dimensions of leadership and know
how to use the style appropriate to the situation.”

– Nadine Grant


Leadership skills, strategies, and styles are assessed and applied in this highly instructional program. Participants learn how to enlarge their skillsets and maximize the effectiveness of their own individual leadership style.

Leadership Workshop 1

STYLES …“Faces, Paces and Places”


  • Discover your leadership style
  • Learn multiple dimensions of leadership
  • Understand when to lead and when to follow
  • Strengthen leadership qualities in others
  • Identify leadership needs in your organization

Leadership Tools

  • Dimensions of Leadership Profile
  • 12 Dimensions of Leadership
  • Strategies to Implement the 12 Dimensions
  • Leadership Development Action Plan

Leadership Workshop 2

FLEXIBILITY …“People Leaders are People Readers”
“Effective leaders know themselves, understand others, and adapt strategies to productively interact and get positive results.”
– Grant


  • Understand leadership and follower-ship styles of others
  • Become people literate
  • Adapt leadership style to build rapport
  • Elevate self-awareness
  • Manage communication conflicts

Leadership Flexibility Tools

  • Six Motivational Power Points
  • Leadership Style Assessment
  • Leadership Style Compatibility Chart
  • Strategies to Develop Leadership Flexibility

Leadership Workshop 3

VALUES …“Marching to Many Drummers”
“Core values are essential to building confidence and trust in leadership. Positive projection of basic values is vital to any leader.”
– Grant


  • Explore the definition of Values
  • Clarify personal core values
  • Appreciate different values
  • Motivate others through their value systems

Leadership Values Tools

  • Values Profile System
  • Four Core Values Systems
  • Strategies for Dealing With Different Values
  • Values Action Plan