“Effective communicators are flexible and flowing, not rigid and blocked.”

– Nadine Grant

Interpersonal Communication Skills

A major challenge in business today is the ability to communicate effectively in a global community comprised of people from diverse generations, genders, genetics, cultures, socio-economic situations, political beliefs, religious practices, value systems.  The most effective communicators are speakers and listeners, givers and receivers, thinkers and doers.  In the business communication of the 21st century, this means we need to identify and craft our messages to the needs, wants, priorities, and goals of our communication partners.  Effective multi-directional communicators use their understanding of others to focus clear, concise messages to the boss, their teammates, direct reports, and outside clients and customers.

A favorite workshop to accomplish this is entitled “Communicating Up, Down, Across and Beyond the Organization.”   


  • DISCOVER the holistic nature of communication
  • ANALYZE needs, wants, priorities, goals of listeners
  • ASSESS learning style of self/others
  • DISCOVER thinking and organizing preferences of self/others
  • BECOME effective multi-directional communicators
  • INCREASE communication competence to achieve goals


A detailed description of this workshop is available upon request.