“Be present in the moment”

— Nadine Grant

Keynote Addresses

Keynote speeches are researched and customized to meet client’s needs.  In addition, Nadine Grant provides fun, lively audience interaction resulting in practical application of the ideas discussed.

Favorite inspirational keynotes by Nadine Grant are: 

1. If the Whole World Followed You

Tools for Inclusive Leadership  

Would you and/or people you work/live with like to:

  • Dispense with judgment and blame?
  • Focus on “can” rather than “can’t”?
  • Understand why people do what they do?
  • Enjoy change, not fear it?

Learn the real meaning of inclusive leadership to manage the stress of unprecedented change and increase your profession and personal effectiveness.

2. That’s L.I.F.E.

Four Tools for Professional and Personal Growth 

Learn to be a Pygmalion, a Self-Motivator, a People Reader and a Life Long Learner.  That’s L.I.F.E.

  • Law of Letting Go
  • Internal Response
  • Flexible Style
  • Evolve

Additional details on these keynotes are available upon request.