“Be present in the moment.”

— Nadine Grant

Personal Coaching for Speakers & Presenters

One-on-one allows clients to make great strides, quickly.

Where do you, a supervisor, manager, or senior executive, go to brush up on your speaking and presentation skills for upcoming board/client meetings, team update, media report, tele/video conferencing? To whom do you go to receive personalized feedback from an objective communications expert? Do you prefer to hone your skills in a group workshop, virtual meeting, or in a live, private, customized, one-on-one setting?

Our company, Grant Cross Communications Group, Inc., provides individuals and organizations with personalized and private coaching sessions that address communication topics which are essential elements of today’s most effective oral presentations, business meetings, and new business development calls. It has been shown that our clients build stronger communication bridges, rather than barriers, with stakeholders at each level – staff, clients, business partners, and community representatives.

With more than 30 years of business coaching and training experiences, we have guided individuals and organizations such as Allstate Insurance, Apple Computer, Kraft General Foods, Bank of America, and Turner Broadcasting. We have worked with business people, educators, government agencies, and entrepreneurs to fine-tune communication skills that connect people to people and create win/win solutions

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