“Unless you live alone on a desert island, you are a public speaker.”

— Nadine Grant

Fearless Speaking & Presentation Workshops


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You have the knowledge, education and experience to do your job. Your work is meaningful and exciting most of the time. You are compensated fairly and enjoy your lifestyle. And…you need to give a presentation to your boss, colleagues, direct reports, or clients next week. You are already feeling slightly nervous about selling yourself, your ideas, your products, or your services and would like to get some meaningful feedback prior to delivery. You want your audience of one or one-thousand to leave your presentation with enthusiasm, knowledge and the confidence to ACT! Where and to whom do you go to hone your visual, vocal, verbal communication skills for this presentation?

Nadine M. Grant Communications Group, Inc. works with business people and their organizations to build communication bridges, not barriers. We do this through workshops and personal coaching on interpersonal communications including speaking and presentation skills. We help our clients hone those seemingly minor details including visual, vocal, and verbal skills that make major differences and establish rapport and believability. These tools enable one to communicate with confidence, credibility, and confidence in the workplace and in social situations.

And now imagine that…

Your audience members are smiling, waiting to speak to you privately, and articulating their desire to move forward to the next step. They leave with valuable information, enthusiasm, and the willingness to ACT upon your ideas. You feel energized! This is personal power in action! Everyone wins!

Our most requested workshop addressing these challenges is entitled:

“Stand and Deliver”

Tools to Speak With Credibility, Confidence, and Dynamism 

Participants learn to:

  • PROJECT platform presence
  • DEVELOP persuasive verbal communication skills
  • REINFORCE verbal communication with effective nonverbals
  • PROMOTE self, ideas, products, services with confidence and credibility
  • CONVERT fear and nervousness into enthusiasm and energy
  • SUPPORT technical skills with positive presentation skills
  • ACCELERATE employee development and productivity

Details of this and additional workshops on speaking and presenting are available upon request.