“Non-verbal messages “spoken” through body language, either confirm or contradict verbal messages. When body language and spoken language are incongruent, the postures, gestures and expressions speak the truth with A SILENT SHOUT.”

– Nadine Grant


The exclusive, Nadine Grant TOOLKIT CONNECTION®
Nadine Grant Communications addresses four major areas of effective communication. We can be hired to facilitate workshops, conduct one-on-one training, or present as a keynote speaker. Please select one of the following links to learn more about the respective workshops.



This module will help participants be well perceived.


Delivers the message that teams are built through understanding individual differences.


Participants learn how to enlarge their skillsets and maximize the effectiveness of their own individual leadership style.


From attitude adjustment through time management, participants learn new ways to communicate.

Customized Solutions:

Customized Communication Tools to Make Your TEAMS WORK!
Nadine Grant will create targeted and customized programs to meet specific needs in your workplace. Your company will realize real-world, measurable results.